Antifreeze Is Important in Your Car Year Round

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There are certain things that need to be done to a vehicle when any new season approaches to keep it in tip top shape. Depending on where you live, there might be more or less things to do for a particular season. People living in the north where it is cold might need to change to a different type of oil in colder months so it has a better viscosity in cold temperatures. People who live in the south might need to add more coolant to their engines to keep from overheating. But when it comes to certain elements in a car or its engine, they should be done and maintained year round. Keeping a safe level of anti-freeze in the car is something that should take place all the time.

The term anti-freeze in itself is a bit misleading. Sure, it keeps the engine from seizing up during cold winter days by combining with the water in the engine components to keep from freezing. But the makeup of the anti-freeze is also more important for other things in the summer. It acts as a coolant so that the engine does not overheat and your car won’t break down on the side of the road.

Anti-freeze is a chemical mixture that works to lower the freezing point of the compounds within the engine. It shouldn’t matter how far below zero the air temperature drops, as long as there is sufficient anti-freeze in the system, the engine will run. That’s not to say that the oil pan might not need a heater placed on it though! Extremely cold climates require heaters to be placed on a vehicle so that the oil will warm up and not seize up in an engine too.

The reverse is also true of anti-freeze. The chemical makeup keeps the liquids within the engine from reaching a boiling point, therefore keeping the engine from overheating. This is especially important in the south and west where temperatures can soar. If anti-freeze leaks out of an engine, it needs to be refilled quickly no matter what time of year so that the engine continues to run. The leak will also need to be located so it can be repaired so it does not happen again.

Regular checks of the anti-freeze will ensure the levels stay where they need to be all year long. If the anti-freeze looks dirty, then there might be trouble lurking on the horizon for your vehicle and a technician can look for a problem. They can also add clean anti-freeze and get it to the correct level so the engine continues to run at an optimal level and you aren’t stranded on the side of the road in extreme conditions.

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